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Buying Guide - A Short Look On Tredy Air Purifier

Sonnie Hiles
  Mar 25, 2023 11:16 AM

As the air quality of your home is more necessary than ever, investing in a high-qualified air exchanger is advised. However, how can you pick your best fit item amongst numerous products available on the market? 

In this case, look for choices from one of the famous brands in this category - Tredy! If you haven’t got any experience using their products, this Tredy air purifier review is for you! 

Read on to learn what you should expect from a great Tredy air purifier!

Buying Guide

Types of Filter

There are 3 general types of filters:

HEPA Filters

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) is ideal for removing tiny pet dander particles, dust mites, and pollen from the atmosphere. This type of device can capture 99.97% of all particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Carbon Filter

Carbon filters refine odors and chemicals from your house atmosphere, including pet smells, kitchen smells, cigarette smoke, fire exhaust, and volatile organic combinations. The more activated carbon the device has, the greater its removal ability is.


Pre-filter traps large particles before they reach the main filters. That's how we can expand the time between cleaning and changing filters. Those devices from TREDY are the top solutions for this feature. 

Room size

Choose the machine based on how big of the space you are about to put it in. There are several options that can meet your needs. For single rooms or narrow areas of up to 700 feet, we suggest you opt for a portable device. 

With the larger space or various rooms, you need to purchase a  whole-house or commercial-grade product.

Noise Level

As you might need to open the machine all day long, the noise it makes is a thing to pay attention to. Nowadays, there is a wide range of modern products that generate small sounds. Tredy devices can meet this demand effortlessly with options in noise level mode.

Which Features Do You Need?

Of course, extra features are the main factors that make a product stand out from other ones in the same segment. Some features you might want to look for are:

  1. Energy-efficient.

  2. Wifi control

  3. Quality indicators.

  4. Handles

  5. Fan speeds

  6. etc.

In general, those that come with remote controls/monitors normally cost you quite a lot.

Meanwhile, low and mid-range products often lack a digital display that possibly confuses us about their operating condition.

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Detailed Review


  1. Filtration: Activated Carbon & Pre filter, and HEPA.

  2. HEPA classification: True HEPA H13

  3. Filter life expectancy: 6 months 

  4. Sensors: AQS

  5. Number of manual fan speed: 3

  6. Room Coverage: Around 200 ft2 + 4 ACH.

  7. Automatic mode: Yes

  8. Weight of device: 6.4 lbs

  9. Noise level: 28 – 52 dB

  10. Voltage: 120 V AC - 60 Hz

  11. Rated Power (W): 32


Apparently, Trendy TD-1500 is one of the best products on the market. With 3 stages of filtration (pre-filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon filter) and a protective net, rest assured that all you breathe in is fresh air. 

The pre-filter stage takes responsibility for trapping large particles such as pet dander, dust, dust, and pet hair. Meanwhile, the HEPA stage will take care of all tiny particles around 0.3 microns! Accompanying them is the carbon stage, which is capable of removing smoke, odor, and VOCs.

This device is best suited for a 200 ft2 room, as it can finish its duty within only 15 mins!

In terms of pollutant indication, this device will inform you of the quality level of pollutants via color code. The Tredy air purifier red light indicates a severe level of pollutants, the orange is in the middle, and the last level is blue.

The machine will run its fan at the highest level of speed, sucking and filtering the unfiltered pollutants.

Nevertheless, the TD-1500 comes with a compact design which is easier for you to move from here and there. This design also allows you to switch between with and without legs.

In case you need a purifier that can run with complete quietness, this is for you. It has 3 fan speeds, and the noise level of the lowest mode only reaches 28dB. The highest fan speed produces the noise at 52 dB, just a little higher than the level of a normal conversation.


  • Flexible design with or without legs.

  • 3-in-1 filtration type

  • Operation in quietness.


  • The carbon filter doesn't really work well

  • Lack of children lock.

Compare Products

Like the Tredy TD-1500, Levoit Core 300 has a 3-in-1 filtration type and a net pre-filter to protect the system.

The Levoit product has a circular design with a 360-degree intake and a top air outlet - an ideal combo for efficient movement. Comparing the two products together, the Tredy apparently wins over its competitor as it offers the auto indicator and smart sensor, which are lacking in the Levoit.

Yet, Core 300 generates less noise than the other one - 24dB vs 28 dB. From our perspective, the difference is not so significant! 


Is it Okay If I Turn Off The Light When The Device Is Still Operating?

The answer is Yes. You can simply turn it off with one click of the button.

Where Should I Place My Air Purifier?

It's best to place the machine in the room you spend most the time in. We normally choose to put it in the bedroom. However, consider buying one with caster wheels in case you need to move it to another room.

How Long Should I Run My Air Purifier?

We recommend always running your purifier for 12 hrs for the best result - the longer it operates, the fresher your air would be. Still, it’s all up to you! 

Final Thought

Overall, we consider that Tredy air purifier is the ultimate option for people who look for a durable device with various smart features. As we have mentioned above, make sure that you take your room’s dimensions into consideration before purchasing the product!