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Medify MA 112 Review - The Best Product For Your Health

Sonnie Hiles
  Mar 25, 2023 11:59 AM

Medify ma 112 is an excellent product of quality and design in the best air purifier list of Medify Air. It is well-known for its H13 True HEPA filter that can reject dust particles up to 99.99%. The application of ionizer technology helps it deodorize, purify the air, and remove harmful bacteria. 

The Medify MA 112 review below will provide you with more valuable information about its dominant features and superior functions. This specific review also explains why you should choose this air purifier for your living atmosphere or working environment. 

It will make you believe more in your decision to purchase the most satisfactory product. Scroll down for details and read it carefully. 

About Medify Air

Medify air is the leading worldwide brand name for producing high-quality air purifiers. Its professional engineers and expert leaders design and develop various medify air purifier products. 

Each includes a HEPA H13 air filter to remove air pollution, prevent seasonal diseases, and protect users’ health. Medify air MA-112  is one of the most outstanding products with the overall features of Medify Air manufacturer. We will prove its typical characteristics in the medify air MA-112 reviews below. 

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  • Brand name: Medify Air

  • Product weight: 19.96 pounds

  • Item dimensions: 28x16x15 inches

  • Fan speed: 4

  • Coverage: 2,500 to 3,700sp ft

  • CADR: 950 m3/h

  • Voltage: 110 volts

  • Noise level: 70 dB

  • Timer: 0-8 hours

  • Included components: True HEPA H13 filter


The modern and elegant design of the Medify MA 112 air purifier makes it more prominent than the other air purifying products in the market. It has a dimension of 28x16x15 inches, so it provides more interior space for dual air filtration. 

At first sight, its design seems to be the same as the Medify MA 40 2.0, a precursor of medify MA 112. However, the 112 air purifier displays a broad design with a bigger inner area for higher performance. 

It also features a modern sensor control panel near the top's ventilative part. Such design is also convenient to operate and control the modes and functions of Medify air purifier MA-112. The hidden wheels are added to its portable design. Its portability helps you easily move anywhere for air purification.   

It is available in two colors, white and black, for you to consider your choice. The exterior design of Medify 112 has an eye-catching square shape and stylish edges. Thus, it is completely suitable for all spaces such as offices, schools, or houses.    


Four Fan Speeds

Usability is also a remarkable strength of the MA-112 air purifier. This unit comprises four adjustable and changeable fan speeds. Thus, you can flexibly vary the fan’s speeds from the lowest level, medium, up to the maximum level of 110 volts. 

Touch Control Panel

Ma 112 easily manages the automatic modes and air purifying function thanks to its versatile touch screen control panel. You can freely choose the respective modes or functional symbols on the touch screen. They are quickly compatible with the air quality sensor indicator. 

Timer And Sleep Modes

Besides, you also operate MA-112's two special modes without any difficulty. The timer mode is quite usable with a long-range of 0-8 hour set. You can set up sleep mode if you want to get discreet management. This mode will dim its lights on the control panel. 

Special Functions

The child lock is a unique and useful function for this unit. It helps you easily lock your settings to avoid your children varying the settings on the control panel. 

You need to press and hold down the button for 3 to 5 seconds. In case you don’t know how to turn off child lock on medify air purifier, keep the button down for about 30 - 45 seconds.  

You can turn on the function of the ionizer with the advanced technology application. The Medify air ionizer supports eliminating the dust particles, allergic factors, and harmful bacteria. You can easily inactivate this function in case of no use.  

Aside from this function, this unit includes an indicator for changing the periodic filter. It will notify you of the MA-112 replacement filter exactly and properly with its maximum operation time of 3000 hours.  


The optimal coverage is an excellent factor to rank this unit in the top position among the best air purifying machines. MA 112 air purifier can clean a large room up to 3,700 square ft in one hour and 2,500 square ft in 30 minutes.  

This product also has a perfectly standard clean air delivery rate (CADR 950 m3/h). This rate supports this air purifier to clear the air in the wide areas of homes, offices, schools, or apartments quickly.   


The application of dual H13 true HEPA filtration makes Medify MA 112 more beneficial than any other air purifier in the market. This filter plays a safe and effective role as “medical grade” filtration in hospitals. 

It is likely to eliminate up to 99.9% of microcosmic particles down to the size of 0.1 microns,  such as pollen, dust mites, pet dander, smoke, odors. With such a top-notch performance, this kit can serve those with respiratory diseases.


The sound of this gadget closely depends on its fan speeds. If you set up the highest speed (level 4), its sound will be up to 70 dB. 

This maximum level causes loud noise like vacuum, TV, or radio sound. It results in botheration or bad influence on other daily activities. 

However, you can moderate this noise by setting the fan’s speeds in a medium range of 1-3. These speeds make this unit more tranquil for sleeping or doing your daily tasks.   

Power Consumption 

Power consumption is also an essential criterion in our Medify MA-112 review. It contributes to evaluating the performance and quality of this product. 

This unit can consume its energy if you set up the highest fan power (up to 110 volts). You can pay an average of $3.5 monthly in your electric bill for this consumption. 

Therefore, you should maintain its power at a medium speed (about 90 volts) and activate auto mode to save energy.    


  • Versatile change of coverage for different times (3,700 sq ft in one hour; 2,500 sq ft in 30 minutes)

  • The coverable capacity of large areas

  • High clean air delivery rate (CADR=950) for various environments

  • The application of a true H13 HEPA filter for the removal of polluted particles

  • Convenient touch control panel

  • Modern optional ionizer to inactivate in case of no use

  • Additional child lock, sleep mode, auto mode

  • Activated medical filter with the big number of pellets

  • Good portability due to easily hidden wheels

  • Easy to use for reduction of the allergy symptoms 

  • Secure to own with a lifetime warranty


  • Loud sound with the maximum fan speed 

  • Shortage of auto and smart control mode per the air quality

  • Inconvenient to replace the filter after 4-6 months using with the high cost 

  • The expensive price of ordering

Final Thought

We hope that the Medify MA 112 review above helps you fully understand its preeminent properties and special benefits. It is worthy of being the top air purifier of Medify Air due to its good performance and high quality.

This machine features an advanced filtering system and powerful fan capacity. Thus, it is a piece of excellent equipment for your house and workplace’s air to keep you stay healthy.