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Inofia Air Purifier PM1539: An Detail Review & Specs

Sonnie Hiles
  Mar 25, 2023 10:34 AM

Finding the finest smart Inofia air purifier with so many alternatives on the market may not be as simple as you wish. You need a gadget that will purify your air and provide you with the necessary comfort in your house. It also has to protect your health and your family against viruses and germs.

If that’s the case, Inofia air purifier PM1539 will meet your needs! Let's visit our review to know more details before purchasing!

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Buying Guide

Inofia PM1539 Room Size Requirements

Before purchasing your chosen air purifier, you must first determine the size of the space. That allows the model to be more adaptable and useful.

Remember that the estimations below are based on ideal figures; therefore, you should adjust the numbers to match a more realistic situation.


Smoke Or A High Contamination

Asthma/ Allergies 


Air Changes Per Hour (ACH)




Required Room Dimension (with 8 ft ceiling)

300 sq ft

500 sq ft

1200 sq ft

Time To Clean The Room's Air

8 min

12 min

30 min

When your ceilings are higher, utilize our Air Changes Per Hour Calculator to determine the proper room size. 

Operating Costs Of Inofia PM1539

The item is also incredibly cost-effective for everyone in your household in terms of operating costs!

When it comes to Inofia air purifier replacement filters, the device costs $70 for a new filter every six months. That also means you'll have to spend the equivalent of $140 every year for two replacements. 

In terms of monthly energy consumption, suppose you use the kit 10 hours per day at the highest speed. With the average electricity rate in the US of 10.42 cents, it costs you about $1.9 a month.

You can rely on this model for a long service life at that expense!

Inofia Air Purifier PM1539  Detailed Review 2022


  • Size: 13 x 13 x 23.8 inches 

  • Device weight: 23 pounds 

  • Filtration: HEPA filter plus an activated carbon filter

  • HEPA class:  True HEPA

  • Filter life: 6 months or 3000 hours 

  • Maximum CADR: 330 cfm

  • Sensor: PM 2.5 particle sensor, humidity, and temperature

  • Rated power: 61W

  • Noise range:  27-52dB

  • Voltage: 110 - 120V & AC 60Hz

  • Coverage: up to 1056 sq ft

  • Number of fan speeds: 5

  • Automatic mode: Yes


Design And Size

The Inofia PM1539 has an appealing appearance appropriate for individuals who prefer modern and contemporary design. You can refer to this video to imagine how it looks in reality.

It's different enough from the initial design concept to distinguish it. The legs are kept short, and there is a white front panel on this air purifier.

We'll have an air outlet on top of this air purifier. It bears a striking similarity to a high-end product, which we believe enhances the device's aesthetic appeal. 

A single display panel on the front filter cover shows the indoor air quality status, fan speed, present humidity and temperature, and many other settings.

Filtration System 

What most impresses you is its incredible filter performance. This filter, which combines an Activated Carbon filter with a true HEPA filter, can catch up to 99.97 percent of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, such as dirt, hair, pollen, dander, and germs. It may also absorb smoke, smells, and VOCs. 

But hold on, there's more. The second stage filtering is provided by an activated carbon filter combined with a HEPA filter. This thick coating of activated carbon will capture odors from smoking, food, pets, etc.

This filter clogged up faster than the HEPA filter. Because activated carbon is densely packed with HEPA, it's not the best choice if you're looking to eliminate various scents regularly because the capability will deteriorate after 2/3 months. 

However, the HEPA may have a few remaining months. As such, the cost of replacing your filter each year will increase.

Coverage & Noise Level 

The Inofia PM1539 is suggested for a 1056-square-foot area in terms of room coverage.

This product has a CADR value of 330 cmf, double that of the previous variant, so it outperforms the competition. Such a CADR rating can suck in more air into the air purifier.

When purchasing an air purifier for your room, consider the noise level because it will affect your sleep after a long day at work. 

The product's lowest fan speed is 27 decibels, which is lower than a whisper, and 52 decibels on the greatest fan speed, not exceeding the normal conversation noise level.

You can tune it to a nice noise level because it has five fan settings. We recommend you adjust its noise to up to the third fan speed.


  • Smart sensors monitors 

  • Wi-Fi pairing of mobile apps

  • Five gear fan speed 

  • High 330 cfm CADR

  • Automatic mode

  • Filter with thick activated carbon

  • Air quality indicator in color

  • Super quiet 

  • Easy to move

  • Sensors for temperature and humidity

  • Power air purifier 

  • Large surface area


  • No Fahrenheit scale and only a Celsius scale

  • A little confusing to pair with the app

  • Not verify CADR ratings by AHAM

  • Maybe emit an odd odor from the air filter 

Compare Products: Inofia PM1539 vs. 1608

We can't dispute that there are a variety of air purifiers on the market with diverse marketing points, whether PM1539 lost points in customers' eyes or not. We'll compare and show the inofia air purifier 1608 to you to clear this up. Let's have a look at them!

These two items share several similarities, such as an eye-catching look. They also contain a more useful Smart Sensor to help them run more efficiently. This air purifier can respond by automatically altering the fan speed when the auto Mode is turned on. You won't have to operate your air purifier anymore manually.

There are a couple of tiny distinctions between them, though. Suppose you have a huge room and want an air purifier to fit in it. If so, customers will be satisfied with the Infoia PM1608! 

The gadget is also recommended for a 1300 square foot area with a maximum CADR of 400 cfm, and you can feel the air exchange in every corner of the vast space.



1. How Often Do I Need To Change Filters?

Filters should be replaced every six months, depending on how often they are used and the air condition in the room. On the front LCD, you'll see a filter life indicator.

2. How Do I Reset Your Inofia Air Purifier?

Replace fresh filters and press and hold the filter replacement button for more than 3 seconds to reset the filter's usage time.

3. Is It Ozone-Free?

Yes, absolutely. Because it just has mechanical air filtration and no electric filtering, it does not generate ozone, which is hazardous to our lungs.

Final Thought

Overall, the Inofia air purifier PM1539 is worth buying due to its innovative design, outstanding features, and good performance. Furthermore, this product can satisfy the pickiest smart gadget enthusiast with a proper maintenance cost! 

If you want to make sure that is true, you can flick through infoia air purifier website to verify.

We hope our review will help you determine the most suitable air purifier that meets most of your needs. Trust us, and you will never be disappointed after purchasing the best one you have ever owned! Thank you for reading our inofia review!