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Hokeki Air Purifier - Ultimate Review & Buying Guide 2023

Sonnie Hiles
  Mar 25, 2023 11:36 AM

In this present era of severe pollution, the first-rate gadget like Hokeki Air Purifier is undoubtedly a must-have item that any family should own at least one to protect their physical well-being. 

The question here is: How can we know whether such a machine truly meets and is suitable for our needs?

Arriving is the launch of our detailed review to field any of your queries!

Buying Guide

Before digging into Hokeki Air Purifier's pros and cons, let's check out some guiding lights to see if it can match your yearning or not!

Hokeki Air Purifier Recommended Room Size

The first consideration to take into is the suitable room sizes where this model can work well. Please bear in mind that the calculations below stand only in an ideal circumstance, so you should better lessen numbers based on the practical situation.


Smoke Or A High Level Of Pollution

Asthma Or Allergies 


Air Changes Per Hour (ACH)




Required Room Dimension (with 8 ft ceiling)

120 square feet

195 square feet

490 square feet

Time To Clean The Room's Air

8 min

12 min

30 min

What if your ceiling is even higher or so? In such a case, the recommended suggestion is for you to use some Air Changes Per Hour (ACH) tools online to do the work more accurately.

Hokeki Air Purifier Operating Costs

Another forethought is whether this machine's operating cost is reasonable enough for your family expenses.

Speaking of annual Hokeki Air Purifier filter replacement, it will require about $45 for half a year with a Hokeki air purifier filter's life span of 6 months. 

What about monthly energy consumption? At 12 cents per kilowatt, and assuming you use this engine to its full capacity over the course of 12 hours a day, $1.4 is pretty much a price that costs you every month.

Well, it can somewhat be a fair deal, isn't it?

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In-depth Review

Now, let's take a look at some extraordinary specialties of Hokeki to see if the hype is worthwhile!


  • Filtration: Nylon pre-filter, HEPA, and activated carbon filter (all 3-in-1)

  • HEPA classification: True HEPA filtration

  • Filter life expectancy: 6-8 months (4230 hrs.)

  • Sensors: VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Sensor

  • Number of manual fan speed: 3

  • Room Coverage: 194-333 square feet

  • CADR: 220m3/h

  • Automatic mode: Yes

  • Weight of device: 8.15 lbs

  • Noise level: 23 – 52 dB

  • Rated Power: 32 Watt

  • Voltage: 120 V AC - 60 Hz


Smart Air Quality Sensor and Indicator

This feature is probably a highlight of Hokeki that will first catch your eye right at the earliest sight. 

Thanks to the user-friendly design and the clear-cut Hokeki Air Purifier manual, it isn't worth you a job to see this sensor and indicator on the dashboard. 

As long as the machine is on its turning-on, it will work throughout to monitor ambient air quality in real-time. You can also adjust the cleaning performance you want by just a few simple manipulations depending on the environment in which you place the Hokeki. 

Then, what signal from the indicator warns when you need to change the filter? You may ask.

This unit will have four levels of air quality, from blue, meaning the cleanest, to a red light on air purifier when your air condition is at its worst. 

The reminder here is no matter if it's clean or dirty, you should anyway replace the filter every 4230 hours to ensure maximum performance quality.

3-Stage Filtration System

Being on the quest for the top-drawer air purifier that ensures the purest atmosphere in your home? Seek no further than Hokeki with the superior 3-stage filtration system!

The first stage of the unit is an anti-bacterial pre-filter. With a nylon membrane as an effective material to absorb larger dirt, this filter guarantees dust, hair, fibers, and lint are no longer a major concern for your family's respiratory system.

What's next is the second stage featured by the HEPA filter, also known as an astounding means that attracts up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns in the air. 

Needless to say, it is as well the phase where this device works best at destroying irritating substances, including allergens, fine dust, and pet dander.

Last but not least is the stage you most look forward to, the activated carbon filter, which removes almost all residual odors and gasses most effectively. That's how nothing but a refreshing and wholesome air could end up making a scene in your living space!

Top-notch Timer, Memory Function, And Quiet Mode

Aside from those above reasons, it's now time for us to take you to the amazingness of some other functions that make Hokeki one of the most crowd-pleasing models today!

Its various timer settings are the first among these prominent factors to name. 

Paired with three distinctive operating duration of 2, 4, or 8 hours, such a unit gives you no worry about whether the electricity bill will bother your family's finance competence at the end of the month or not. The Hokeki takes care of it already!

Best of all, it also remembers all the settings settled at the last time used. That way, the next time you turn on the device, unnecessary repetitive operations will no longer be a concern worth carrying around!

Yet, we will not call it a halt since there's still another reason why this air purifier is the most likable home appliance, which is no other thing but the scene of its quiet operation! 

All you need to do is turn it on in sleep mode for a minimum sound level of 23 dB, which is also slightly higher than the noise generated by mosquitoes at 20dB. 

What about the highest level? 52 dB would be a safe number that's kind of similar to a usual conversation but a little bit less loud, which also has not yet reached the Dexibel that is harmful to your ears

However, for those who are having difficulty tolerating the noise in their living space, this will be a limit that is hard to go through.


  • The strong 3-in-1 filtering system

  • A sophisticated air quality sensor included

  • Real-time color-coded air quality display

  • Reasonable operating costs

  • Easy carry handling for extra mobility

  • High CADR rating

  • Trendy and elegant design

  •  CARB and ozone-free approved

  • Touch-sensitive control panel


  • Not much effective odor filter

  • No remote control offered

  • Can be noisy at max fan speed


It is undeniable the presence of Hokeki takes quite an upper hand in the market currently. Yet, is it true that this device can beat off all kinds of same line models? We’re afraid so. 

Take SilveronyX and Holmes Air Purifier as an example. Though the all three do have the similarities to some extent, such as HEPA filtration features, effective air quality improving, odors reducing, and so on, there’re still distinctive mindings to pick the best out of them.

For instance, thanks to the impressive 5-stage filtration process, it will be better for you to choose SilveronyX in case you’re yearning for the first-rate air refreshment. 

However, for those who seek the less expensive choice in replacing devices, filters, etc, Holmes is a stand-out option not to miss out on.

How about those who favor the leading-edge engine with stylish and trendy taste for the house? We would say Hokeki!


1. Is it okay if I leave the air purifier on all of the time?

Yes, it is. Because air pollution is a persistent and widespread issue, having your air purifier running all day is even better to keep your physical health andwell-being.

2. How to tell if my air purifier is working?

Checking the airflow of the Hokeki fan is a straightforward way to ensure whether your purifier is operating or not. If it still pumps out clean air as it usually works, so yes, you now know the answer.

3. Does this device have the ability to cool down the room?

No. Unfortunately, it is not the use of an air purifier to lower the room's temperature.

Final Thoughts

Hokeki Air Purifier is basically all you need to get the hang of safe and yet fresh-aired living space. Hopefully, our thorough review can somehow help you go down the lines and make it well your way. See you then!