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KJ800 Colzer Air Purifier Review - Everything You Need To Know

Sonnie Hiles
  Mar 25, 2023 10:26 AM

This thorough KJ800 Colzer air purifier review will be all you need if you are searching for a new air purifier for your home now. 

Colzer purifier has been a trusted name as its products always deliver prime quality, efficiency, technology, as long as a modern appearance. This KJ800 model is not an exception.  

What is so special about this model? Why are so many people buying it? Calm your thoughts because this article will reveal everything for you. Keep scrolling down for more information!

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3 ratings

Detail Review



14.1 x 14 x 28.3 Inches


32.6 Lbs

Noise Level

27 - 52dB

Coverage Area

Up to 3525 sq ft


HEPA filter with activated carbon filter

Filter Lifespan

3 - 6 months


470 CFM

Fan Speed

5 levels

Power Consumption



FCC/CARB Certified/ETL Listed


1 year

KJ800 COLZER Air Purifier Review


The Colzer KJ800 appears with an elegant look and an eye-catching tall tower design. This purifier features a dual-sided air intake system, along with an appealing white color. As a result, this machine takes in more air to purify than most other ordinary air purifiers.

The more air this kit captures, the more contaminants it traps within the filtering system. You can find the new fresh air coming out at the top of it. Now your family will no longer be worried about the air conditions, thanks to this wonderful bottom-to-top airflow system.

This air purifier is suitable for those who want to supply fresh air to every corner of their houses. It has sturdy recessed handles and 360-degree rolling wheels that perfectly support the movement. No more tired lifting handwork anymore. All you have to do is push it to any room in your house, as easy as pie!

The machine also comes with a smart digital display at the front panel. This multi-function display gives you all information about the current status of your room: temperature, humidity, PM 2.5 level. 

Right above the display lies an LED light. By changing the color, it lets you know if your PM 2.5 level in your room is dangerous or not. Greenlight means good quality air. In contrast, when it has a germguardian blinking red light, it is bad for your health.

Noise Level

Are you fearing that this machine will be too noisy when working? Do not worry! The KJ800 only produces less than 52dB of sound, beating almost its rivals in this aspect. Especially in the sleep mode, it can lower down to 27dB level of sound. 

Interestingly enough, the buzzing sound of a mosquito reaches 39dB. That is to say how quiet this beast is! If you have babies, just switch to sleep mode. Nothing can wake them up, while the air is still purified.

Room Coverage

While most other air purifiers have their CADR under 300 CFM, the Colzer delivers an overwhelmed CADR of 470 CFM. For that reason, it is best suited for big families. Even more, it is advised that you use it for a more-than-3000-square-foot room to optimize its potential.

In a large zone of 3525 square feet, this machine takes 1 hour to purify the whole room. If your room measures 800 square feet or so, 15 minutes is more than sufficient for the gadget to get the job done right. 

There are 5 levels of fan speed for you to choose from. You can adjust it up to your interest. Especially, the air purifier will automatically turn to the strongest speed if it finds a high level of bad quality atmosphere. 

Powerful Filtration

The KJ800 applies composite filtering technology. This filtration is a wonderful combination of a honeycomb activated carbon filter and a true HEPA filter.  

Have you ever wondered how this machine works? The initial stage of the filtering process is pre-filter. It will capture big particles to purify first. 

Then the HEPA filter gets ready for its work. It will catch 0.3-micron particles, which are often ignored in the initial stage. With a rating of 99,97%, the HEPA filter will trap any dust or contaminants in your room's atmosphere.

But the filtering process has not been over yet. We still have one more last filtration: the activated carbon filter. It is responsible for trapping odors, VOCs, and some harmful gases. After that, the machine starts to release brand new fresh air for you and your family.

With such a dual filtration, KJ800 is ideal for households with babies, the elderly, or those with respiratory-related issues.

However, the filtration of this machine requires a replacement after every 4-6 months. When the filtration needs a new alternative, its indicator light will turn red and flashes. You know that it is time to get a new one. Stick to the manual book so that you can replace your filter easily.

Other Great Features

The KJ800 Air Purifier also comes with many other excellent features. It offers users a sleep mode, allowing them to spend less energy at a slower fan speed.

It is also equipped with a mobile app that gives you a quicker and easier control of the machine. 

All settings are available on the air purifier app for you to choose, such as fan speed, timer, power on/off, etc. You can turn on the purifier just by a light tap on your phone. What is greater than modifying your machine from a far distance without having to touch it directly?

Advantages And Disadvantages of KJ800 Colzer Air Purifier


  • Higher CADR rating, quicker removal

  • Two layers of filtration

  • Real-time digital display

  • Built-in wifi remote control

  • Have a mobile app 

  • Tall tower design, 360-degree rolling wheels


  • No AHAM verification

  • You can not change the temperature from Celcius to Fahrenheit

  • Filter replacement regularly

Which Room Size Should Be Suitable For The KJ800 Colzer Air Purifier?

The calculation is not 100% accurate. Consider changing the size of your room to a bit less than the numbers on the table.

Room Condition

Air Changes Per Hour

Room Size




1760 sq ft

30 minutes



700 sq ft

12 minutes



440 sq ft

8 minutes

Compare Product: Colzer KJ800 Vs. Medify MA-112 

Both products appear with a premium finish and elegance in every single detail, especially with the HEPA filters technology that helps remove up to 99% of contaminants. With those amazing designs, it is a stylish addition to any room of your house. 

However, there are still some differences that distinguish them from each other.

Room Coverage

While the Colzer KJ800 delivers an impressive number of room coverage (up to 3525 sq ft), the Medify seems to fall short. This model can cover up to a smaller space area, approximately 2500 sq ft.


The Medify exceeds the Colzer in the aspect of clean air delivery rate. It functions more effectively than the KJ800 model since it has a CADR of 560 CFM (only 470 CFM of KJ800).


In the KJ800 model, we have a Colzer air purifier with true HEPA air filter. Meanwhile, it is the H13 grade HEPA filters that perform in the Medify MA-112 model. Both products come with a carbon filter to wash away odors. 

Colzer also possesses long-lasting and cleanable net pre-filters. On the other hand, Medify offers combined pre-filters, as well as an exclusive ionizer add-on.

Final Thought

Hopefully, you find this KJ800 Colzer Air Purifier review useful. If you are buying a new purifier for your lovely home, consider this model. With those amazing features and functions, it will surely be a worthy investment that makes your whole family happy and satisfied. Remember, you can never go wrong with a Colzer product.