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Bissell Air320 Review & Buying Guide - Smart Air Purifier Of All Time

Sonnie Hiles
  Mar 25, 2023 9:54 AM

Have you not yet found out the best pick for the champion air purifier of the year? Bissell Air320 stands ready to be in your sight! 

Appearing like one of the first-class models worthy of trying, is it the truth or merely a trick on the eyes? Let's puzzle things out!

Buying Guide

As we step into the benefits and drawbacks of the Bissell 320 max, it's important to first have a look at some guiding signs and see whether or not this unit can meet your needs!

Bissell Air320 Room Size Requirements

The first thing to think through is the appropriate space size for this model to operate effectively. Please keep in mind that the estimates below are based on an ideal condition, so it would be better for you to lower the values to reflect a decent level of reality.


Smoke Or A High Level Of Pollution

Asthma Or Allergies 


Air Changes Per Hour (ACH)




Required Room Dimension (with 8 ft ceiling)

220 square feet

350 square feet

875 square feet

Time To Clean The Room's Air

8 min

12 min

30 min

Operating Costs Of Bissell Air320In case your ceiling is even higher or so, the recommended suggestion is for you to employ some Air Changes Per Hour (ACH) tools online to do the task more accurately.

Equally vital arriving is the consideration regarding Bissell Air320 operating costs, in which this will be the factor deciding if such an engine is affordable enough for your family's budget.

Concerning filter replacement cost, Pre and HEPA are Bissell air320 replacement filters with a lifespan of 6 months, which also means every six months, you have to spend the equivalent of $22 on such a fee. 

What's more, while the multi-filter feature presents a pretty marvelous performance in freshening up your living space, its weakness is that you will have to pay extra for those additional filters. 

A typical example is the activated carbon filter at Bissell, which comes in almost $18 per half a year of use. 

Thought it is the end? We're afraid not. 

Monthly energy consumption will also be another concern for your family's month-end audit. Accordingly, this room air purifier will cost you around $5, based on 12 cents per kilowatt-hour if you use it continuously for 12 hours at full speed every day.

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Detailed Review

It's now time to dig into some preeminent fortes, as well as the existence of shortcomings in such a blue-chip model!


  • Measurements: 25″H x 14.5″W x 8.5″D

  • Weight: Approx. 18.25 lbs. 

  • Material Composition: Plastic, metal, and nylon 

  • Filter Life: 6 months for both HEPA and carbon filter

  • Model No.: 2768A

  • Filter: HEPA and Carbon

  • Sensors: Yes. Particle PM2.5 sensor & ambient light sensor

  • Fan Speeds: 5 levels

  • Automatic Mode: Yes

  • Noise Level: 37 to 59 dB

  • Rated Power: 116 Watt

  • Room Coverage (8 ft ceilings): 350 square feet with five air changes per hour

  • Maximum CADR: 234 cfm for Smoke


Extraordinary 3 In 1 Air Filter

Let us first take you to the forefront of a large room air purifier, a multi-stage integrated filter featuring.

The Bissell Air320 functions three filters for clean air in the simplest but equally effective way.

By all means, it includes a cloth pre-filter helping retain larger particles as well as provide highly efficient filter protection. Coming next is the H13 medical-grade HEPA filter captures 99,97% particles at 0.3 microns or even smaller, and last but not least, a honeycomb activated carbon filter.

Sounds like a solid defensive wall that turns the game into the hardest round for bacteria to overcome, doesn't it?

Remarkable Design And Size

If you are one of those who own a living space following a classic school, surefire modern cylindrical air purifiers like Winix NK100 or Levoit LV-H133 will somehow give you a hesitation to decide whether you should have it in your home or not.

Well, no more such pains in the neck with the Bissell Air320, a perfect device that brings a typical example of retro breath and yet equally eye-catching as of the 90s!

The flawless fit, along with extremely straightforward Bissell Air320 manual will be the key factor to please even the most harshly aesthetic-demanding guests.

Although the white color appears hard to give a solid metallic sense, combined with the fabric gray pre-filter, this will be a killing point to attract anyone who once laid their eyes on it.

Auto-activated Sleep Mode

It will be pretty tricky to mention the Bissell Air320 without naming its automatically activated sleep mode.

This bright spot may not sound like a big deal when placed in today's modern technology landscape. Yet, for those who often have trouble with their sleep, this will be an indispensable soulmate item to have in your home.

That way, when darkness embraces, this feature will automatically set the device to sleep thanks to the ambient light sensor. Also, all the lights on the board will be in their off mode as well to ensure you a peaceful dream-free sleep.


  • Straightforward control

  • Affordable price

  • Minimalistic and attractive design

  • Smart Sensor

  • Slightly quiet

  • Auto-activated night mode depending on the darkness

  • 100% ozone-free, which is CARB and AHAM approved

  • High-quality construction with a traditional aesthetic

  • Handy cord wrap

  • 3-stage filters with no electronic filtration featured

  • Honeycomb-structured carbon filter for air purifier


  • No remote or app control

  • No timers

  • Limited smart features


In today's fiercely competitive air purifier market, a 320 is undeniably a true value machine standing on its own. What about when it is on the scale with other standout air purifier models such as Hokeki or SilveronyX? Let's see!

Putting these three together, it even seems easier to recognize their likeness to some extent, which is their functions in extremely sensitive smart sensors, engaging designs, and yet impressive air filtration process.

However, it is not to say the distinctions are minor.

For those who favor the handy built-in construction and also the retro outlook to suit your living space, you will no way go wrong with Bissell Air320.

Besides, speaking of the ultimate air-refreshing rate, SilveronyX as a 5 in 1 air purifier is the landing spot for you to shoot for.

What about Hokeki? Such a choice is flawless once your aim is the leading-edge engine with a stylish and trendy touch for the house!


1. Does Bissell Air320 produce ozone? 

The answer is no. Since there aren't any electrical filters in it, you can rest assured of this 100% ozone-free air purifier.

2. How to reset my Bissell Air320?

Once the new filters and the front panel are all inset, it's your task to plug in and switch on the air purifier. Following-up is to press and hold the power button for about 3 seconds until you hear a beep, also known as the sign of your correctly reset filters state.

3. Is Bissell an air purifier with washable filters?

No. Though it is unallowable to wash the filters, you can anyway vacuum the fabric front panel according to Bissell's suggestions.

Final Thought

Bissell Air320 is without a doubt a value for your spending money. Still, there are other options if you lean more onto a cut-price payment and, of course, lesser in the quality. 

It's your turn to clear up your mind and have the wisest shot at your pick. Wish you lots of luck!